High-Flyer Spotlight: Dedra Eatmon, Ph.D.

Meet Dedra Eatmon (Dr. Dee), founder of Tassel to Tassel and college transition strategist. She is a first-generation college graduate with over a decade of high school and college experience. Dr. Dee began working with high school graduates to share strategies for navigating the sometimes tricky college environment. Some may even consider her to be […]


High-Flyer Spotlight: Natasha Hinds

Meet the Founder and CEO of Keep Your Hair Headgear, LLC., Natasha Hinds, an Army veteran turned entrepreneur. She is an alumna of Saint Paul’s College and Webster University where she did a master’s degree in Computer Resources and Information Management. She also attended Syracuse University and the University of Maryland where she did a […]


High-Flyer Spotlight: Shelia Higgs “Shiggs” Burkhalter

Shelia Burkhalter is a 27-year higher education executive, educator, change-maker, culture shaper, and executive and leadership transitions coach. She holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and political science from Southeast Missouri State University, a master’s degree in student affairs administration from Indiana University- Bloomington, and an M.B.A. in management from the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville. […]


High-Flyer Spotlight: Neferteri Strickland

Neferteri Strickland is a military service member and a cybertechnology strategist. She is the founder of Teachers&, which looks to provide the Pennsylvania industry with world-class educational talent focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, (STEAM) education and post-secondary career readiness. She is also the host of The Third Lieutenant Podcast, a first-of-its-kind podcast […]


High-Flyer Spotlight: Dr. La’Tonya Rease Miles

Dr. La’Tonya Rease Miles (second to the right) is the Founder and Chief Strategist of First Gen and Juice. She also started and manages the dynamic Facebook group Empowering First-Generation College Students and is a co-founder of The Black First-Gen Collective. LT established two successful programs for first-generation college students. One at the University of […]


High-Flyer Spotlight: Tinisha Agramonte

Tinisha Agramonte (on the right) is the Architect of the First-Generation Professionals Initiative which is a first-of-its-kind Federal government diversity and inclusion program. Although she once identified as an at-risk youth, with the help of mentors and educators who saw potential in her, Tinisha was able to overcome significant challenges. For over two decades, she’s […]