3 Ways to Take Care of Your Drinkware

We’re excited that you’ve gotten signature drinkware from The First-Gen Shop! We want to make sure that you have the knowledge to take good care of it so you can enjoy it for as long a possible. With that in mind, here are a few ways to take care of your very fine beverage bestie.

  1. Discard any content that remains in your drinkware. In the event that the contents are sticking (especially if you have an item with a lid), run some hot water and add a dab of soap to let it soak for at least ten minutes.

  2. Handwash with warm, soapy water. (We can’t speak for others, but… You certainly want to wash your drinkware.) We suggest adding a drink of bleach or vinegar to the water to sanitize before your next use.) If you must use the dishwasher, be sure to place it on the top rack.

  3. Use the cloth to gently dry your drinkware. If you don’t have time to hand dry your drinkware, placing it on a dish rack or bar mat will do.

  4. Bonus: Put it in a place where it can’t be borrowed (and not returned… ha ha).

So, be it coffee, tea, water, hot cocoa, or a “special” grape juice, we want you to be delighted with every sip for years to come (just like Granny)!