6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Apparel

You’ve invested in apparel from The First-Gen Shop. As important as it is for us to offer you quality clothing, we want to ensure that we equip you with the knowledge to take good care of it and get the most out of your purchase. Hence, we’d like to offer you 6 tips for taking care of your goods.

  1. You’ll want to turn it inside out before putting it in the washing machine. A simple but easy and effective thing to do to make your apparel last longer. By doing so, you will create more “protection” and far less contact with the print on the apparel and anything else that you’re washing.

  2. Use cold water and wash apparel with similar colors. Cold water is always much better than hot or warm water. Also, this will help with colors fading and dyes from bleeding and messing up whatever is being washed.

  3. Be nice to your apparel and keep from washing it with jeans or harsher fabrics. When you do, harsher fabrics, like denim, may cause prints to peel when rubbed with softer fabric or prints during washing.

  4. Skip the bleach and/or fabric softeners. Regular detergent will do just fine to get your apparel to be “so fresh and so clean, clean.” When it comes to bleach, or any strong detergents like softeners, they’ll likely damage prints on your clothing. We know you don’t want that.

  5. Don’t iron the print at all. Prolonged ironing will damage the prints–they’ll peel. If you must use an iron (cause we don’t want you in the streets looking like a crinkled fry), lower the temperature settings of the iron, turn it inside out, and then iron it. Or, you can do like my elders used to do, put a sheet or towel over the print then get to it.

  6. Skip the dryers at all cost! Again, heat is always bad for anything that’s been printed. Don’t get us wrong, dryers are great and can certainly save us time, but they are terrible for apparel and their prints. Heat shrinks garments (especially those made of cotton) as well as damage prints, making them crack or peel. Again, be like the elders (cause you know that they know some stuff, right?) on this one and hang dry. We promise this is the best method.

Aight. That’s it for now. We hope you found this to be helpful and employ these tactics (hopefully all of them) to fully enjoy your apparel.